A carpet texture for everyone

There are many texture options when it comes to carpeting, so whether you want something soft and plush, or one that's more durable to withstand lots of kids and pets, there's something for everyone.

Come into our carpet store, and we'll help you find the just-right texture for your needs and style.

How it all begins

Every soft surface floor covering begins its journey as a looped construction. Called loop piles, the fibers are threaded through the backing, much like a sewing or needlepoint action. They can either remain that way or cut into fibers of various lengths, including high, low, and medium piles.

Level loops and Berber styles

The level loop, with uncut piles, has a compact texture without any distinct pattern. This is a perfect carpet for active, busy households because it won't leave footprints or other markings; however, it is a little less for.

Berber rugs have thicker yarns, larger loops, and distinctive colors of a neutral backdrop with gray or brown flecks.

When it’s also cut

1. Primary cut pile: This has short, even fibers with exposed ends that give it a sort of fuzzy look. This is an excellent overall rug for any level of foot traffic.

2. Saxony: This is a medium-cut pile with longer fibers than the basic cut-pile. There are two versions: Saxony Straight (or plush or velvet) and Saxony Texture.

3. Plush rugs have densely packed fibers with a soft, luxurious look.

4. High pile: This includes shag, with its long, loose fibers. Shag requires extra care, so it's best for low-traffic areas like the bedroom.

5. Frieze: This has long-ish fibers so tightly twisted they curl, giving this soft surface a messy, more casual look ideal for family rooms.

6. Low pile: These have short, tightly woven yarns that are easier to clean and durable.

7. Cut and pile: Various fiber heights create patterns such as pin-dots or geometrics.

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