Does hypoallergenic carpet flooring exist?

Does hypoallergenic carpet flooring exist?

Yes, hypoallergenic carpeting fibers exist and relieve allergy issues in your home. You can expect to breathe better wherever the floors are installed, even with pets.

There's much to know about these floors, and the information can help as you start to shop. Here are some facts to help you get started.

What is a hypoallergenic carpet?

Hypoallergenic carpet features a construction that helps trap and hold allergens. However, they do not release them back into the air, so they're gone for good when you vacuum.

Instead of making allergies worse, especially in bedrooms, they make them better. With this floor covering, you'll breathe these options in place much easier.

You'll get the same great looks in hypoallergenic choices

You might wonder what looks you can get with these floors, and you're not alone in the thought. The good news is that you'll find all the same fantastic fibers, colors, textures, and styles you might get from others.

It's easy to match any decor scheme with these floors in place. And you can add area rugs to brighten the space, especially if you choose neutral color options.

What about other durabilities?

You can also add durability to your carpeting with built-in stain protection. If you need specific protections, speak with an associate while you're here.

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